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How business measurement clichés mislead

You get what you measure What you measure is what you get If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it Tell me how I’m going to be measured and I’ll tell you how I’ll perform You cannot improve what you can’t measure Garbage in, garbage out If you don’t measure it, it’s just a [...]

The Operational Dashboard that had no Key Performance Indicators

The “dashboard” is often used as a metaphor by business writers and consultants to explain to managers that they need performance measurement and key performance indicators for their business, just like they do for their cars. Otherwise they’ll drive their business off the road, they (falsely) argue. The problem is, the dashboards on cars don’t [...]

The importance of structural information

Business writers and consultants today typically advise managers to calculate indices and percentages to measure the state of their enterprises. For example, Kaplan and Norton, in the “Balanced Scorecard”, suggest measuring “strategic information availability” with the “percentage of processes with real-time quality, cycle time, and cost feedback available” and “percentage of customer-facing employees having on-line [...]