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Obama’s chained inaccuracy

(This article by Philip Green and George Gabor first appeared as a special to the Financial Post on August 16 2012). The Obama administration is considering adopting the “chained consumer price index,” as the principal measure of inflation upon which increases in payments to such things as Social Security would be tied. The Chained-CPI is [...]

Brilliant propaganda, but lousy indicator of rate of growth of US debt.

  There is a little graphic being circulated around the Internet intended to show that President Obama has recklessly doubled the total US debt accumulated since President Washington.                   As a piece of political propaganda it is brilliant. It implies that President Obama’s administration is worse than [...]

Will anybody ever trust inflation measurements?

About 200 years ago Joseph Lowe said that “the interest of government, the greatest of all debtors, [is] to prevent the public from fixing its attention on the gradual depreciation of money.”  It seems like the Argentinian government is doing its best to prove Lowe right. Recent reports (see here and here) suggest the Argentinian [...]