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Investors beware: mining resource estimation methods give inconsistent results

After the Bre-X scandal in 1996, when fake measurements of gold wiped out billions of dollars in shareholder value of the Canadian mining company, the mining industry developed new standards for measuring mineral resources. While they are a vast improvement, the words and methods the industry uses to describe resources still leave room for the [...]

misLeading pant sizes-why women aren’t as thin as they think

The Economist magazine is  taking a jab at another sort of inflation. Women’s pant sizes, while nominally the same, have actually been increasing in girth.  The British new magazine estimates that an average size 14 pair of women’s pants  “is now more than four inches wider at the waist than it was in the 1970s.” [...]

Hoaxing, forging, trimming, faking, cooking and falsifying measurements

There have been several recent high-profile cases of scientists hoaxing, forging, trimming, cooking or falsifying their data. These cases occurred in spite of the fact that scientific publications must be peer-reviewed before publication, and that scientific findings must be replicated before they are confirmed. Would the safeguards in place in most business catch similar acts? [...]