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“These two projects brought significant benefits to the plant. The results greatly increased the plant’s productivity and the quality is more stable.”

Christian Gelinas, Abitibi Consolidated.

“Phil’s approach is to listen carefully to the customer’s needs and then work in a collaborative way to design the best solution.”
John Hawkins, Nova Scotia Power.

 Business and Productivity Improvement

I regularly work with companies to achieve long-term improvements in important aspects of their business performance.

My projects have included:

  • Working with private investors over several years to improve productivity of their operations, significantly increasing the value of their investment
  • Working with management to design and implement reliable business performance indicators
  • Working with CEOs, top executives, or operations managers to design and implement new approaches to improving productivity in their operations such as Integrated Process Management
  • Working with CEOs or other top executives to design and implement systems for improving the management of risk in their operations
  • Working with operations managers to tackle tough productivity problems at their operations
  • Working with engineering and technical specialists to achive significant productivity improvements through application of measurement and statistical techniques. Over 20 years I have done hundreds of projects that have included such things as:
    • Application of Bayesian statistics to reduce expensive sampling programs by as much as 95%, saving millions
    • Data mining to identify significant cost savings and productivity improvements in the design new smelting equipment or to dramatically reduce downtime at a major manufacturing facility
    • Helping clients turn data into productivity-driving information by designing databases or other methods to make use of it

My clients ask me to help them improve their operations because they recognize that I am good at simplifying systems that have often become too complex. ¬† Most of my clients are individuals with whom I have worked for many years, even as they change companies. We have developed excellent working relationships. I know they are the experts at running their businesses, they know I have an objective outsider’s eye, an ability to sort out complexity, creative solutions, and a collaborative approach.