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NEW! EVOLUTION LT Battery Powered Smart Friction Weld Tool

The world’s first lever‑free tool on the market, the patent‑protected EVOLUTION LT is a fully automatic, battery‑operated smart‑technology enabled strapping tool that redefines tensioning and sealing performance. At the EVOLUTION LT’s core is integrated Bluetooth smart technology that enables all setups to be done on a smart phone or tablet. This rugged, ergonomically designed tool is lighter, faster, and gets to the desired tension faster than previous generations. Because there’s no lever, it’s also safer and less tiring for operators.

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Product Code Strap Size Strap Type L x W x H Weight Lbs. Tension
EVOLUTION LT 1/2” – 5/8”, .019” – .036” Polyester + Polypropylene 13” x 5.5” x 5.3” 9.7 lbs. with battery 600


  •  Bluetooth-enabled smart technology
  • Coming Soon! Mobile app integrates with operating system
  • Set + lock tensioning force, welding time + operating mode on touch screen or via smart phone or tablet
  • All essential information on tool’s LED display
  • Intuitive, easy to master operation

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