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      Load Securement

      PC1000 Up To 88” Wide Arch

      High-speed PC1000 series Arch machine for medium to heavy production. Suitable for corrugated, printing and protein industries.


      • Up to 65 straps per minute (depending on arch size)
      • German DC brushless motor technology (stepper motors)
      • No belt, clutches or pulleys
      • 30% fewer parts for less maintenance
      • Waist-high quick chance coil and strap feed
      • Easy access operating control Panel
      • Front foot-bar pedal plus movable foot switch
      • One piece strap chute
      • Sensor controlled heater
      • End of coil strap ejector/loop ejector
      • Electronic brake
      • Table height adjusts from 32″ to 36″
      • Lockable casters
      • Roller top standard
      • Can be ordered with a dual pneumatic top press
      Cycle Rate Up to 65 straps per minute
      Arch sizes Up to 88”
      Package Weight Up to 100 lbs.
      Strap Tension Up to 100 lbs.
      Polypropylene Strap 3/8”, ½”
      5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
      Electrical Requirements 110V 60Hz 1 Phase
      Shipping Weight 450 lbs.
      Optional Photo eye activation

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